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Register with Sonar for Pharmacy First - Free until March 31st 2025

Sonar is providing a NHS assured IT system for Pharmacy First which includes the service previously known as the NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS).

Sonar has been providing IT and support for pharmacies through a range of services including CPCS, National Flu and London PPV service, Covid-19 vaccination service, and other NHS Services. From 31st January 2024, Sonar will launch the Pharmacy First module which will incorporate the new service elements and the existing CPCS into one service.

If your pharmacy is already using Sonar for CPCS your contract will carry over at the commencement of Pharmacy First.

Pharmacies must sign up to provide Pharmacy First on MYS and sign up with Sonar.

No set up fee No contract period Free Until April 2025 Video Consultations

Sonar is providing a GP CPCS service in which GP practices can refer their patients to community pharmacies for minor illness conditions. We are providing the platform for GP’s to create the referral which is received by the pharmacy directly through Sonar (Text and Email in addition). Once your patient attends their consultation the outcome is available directly.

The GP CPCS service is free for GPs and we are also providing training to all GP non-clinical/reception staff on the use of our IT platform as well as the minor illness conditions listed

No set up fee No contract period
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We have been working with pharmacies and GPs to improve the range of services we provide and these are all available under one platform.

Use Sonar as your Pharmacy First provider:

● Direct panel access - manage your consultations under one platform
● Text message alerts - add up to 2 mobile numbers to receive text message notifications for incoming referrals
● Email notifications
● IT support



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